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Guilds of London

Guilds of London

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London: The biggest, most important and richest city in England in the late medieval and early modern periods.

The Guilds played a major role in the lives of London's citizens, controlling the way in which trade, manufacturing and business was conducted in the city. The members of the guilds were rich men, who were appointed to the most influential positions in the community and wielded immense civic power. The chief representative of the Guilds became the Lord Mayor of London, and the leading delegates of the Guilds became his Aldermen. Other members of the Guilds were the burghers of London. The Guilds ran the city and controlled its commerce; each had its own Hall and its own Coat of Arms. Representatives of the Guilds met at the Guildhall to discuss the great issues of the day.

In Guilds of London, you place your liverymen in strategic Guilds, building your power base, so that you can achieve the status of Master in many of them. You also have the opportunity to spread your power into the commercially valuable Ulster or Virginia plantations. Control of each Guild provides victory points and additional actions that you can exploit, so that you can control the future development of the city.

Extra Info

Players: 1 - 4
Ages: 10 and up
Time: 45 minutes
Year: 2016
Designer: Tony Boydell
Category: Medieval
Mechanics: Area Control / Area Influence, Hand Management
Publisher: Tasty Minstrel Games
Family: Cities: London
BGID: 134157

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