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Battle Monkeys

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Battle Monkeys is a 2-4 player strategic combat card game, with Monkeys! Players build their army of Soldier monkeys with one goal in mind....Complete...World....Domination! What good is a monkey army without someone to lead it? There are five unique Generals you may choose from to lead your army. Each General has a specific set of skills, skills that will be a nightmare for your opponents. Build your army and strike fast, but not too fast. War is a dangerous game and not everything is a simple as smashing and grunting. Recruit enemy soldiers into your army, sneak attack unsuspecting enemies, or watch the world burn and bring on the Ape-ocalypse!

Extra Info

Ages: 13 and Up
Category: Card Game, Animals, Fighting
Players: 2 - 4
Publisher: Endless Spiral
Time: 15 - 45 Minutes
Year: 2016

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